North Buffalo Community Development Corporation & The Center for Excellence:

North Buffalo Community Development Corporation:

The North Buffalo Community Development Corporation (N.B.C.D.C.) is an education, fitness and civic-engagement organization, which has provided more than four decades of exemplary service to all of Western New York.  The N.B.C.D.C. operates within its main campus, known as the Center for Excellence, the Center for Innovative Education, the Center for Vitality, the Center for Fitness, the Center for Maritime Training, the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Transportation.  Please see below for a detailed description of each Center.

Center for Innovative Education

The Center for Innovative Education (C.I.E.) is a world-class after-school program like no other.  The C.I.E. uses proprietary, scientific, curricula (purchased from Arklosophy, LLC) to assist children in finding their interests (hopefully passions) and, once found, to delve into them. Children are given pre-and-post-program interest assessments and individual reports are provided, upon the conclusion of the program, to all parents/guardians that detail how the parents/guardians can effectuate further interest/passion nurturing, which is the key to intellectual growth and excellence. The Center for Innovative Education uniquely fosters the transference of traits, usually only found in gifted youths, to average youths. Simply, the N.B.C.D.C.’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Shaun P. Smith, based on his extensive scientific research, declares that:

“All children have a genius intellect that can be unlocked and honed with the proper environment, teaching methods and intrinsic motivation ignition.”

Here are some disturbing facts from the United Nations to highlight the importance of the Center for Innovative Education:  (1) Drinking water pollution is becoming a global crisis, (2) 3,000,000 children die each year because of poor nutrition (3) There is a garbage island the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean – and other islands of garbage are forming around the globe – killing billions of sea creatures, (4) By 2050 billions of people will starve unless food production doubles, (5) Climate Change is real and is becoming alarming and (6) Billions of animals are tortured every year by factory farming and “scientific” experimentation. 

The experts who are working on solving these complex problems will run out of time, life, before the problems are solved or mitigated.  Thus, the next generation, and the ones to follow, must be the architects of solutions.  If large corporations can “persuade” kids that smart phones, celebrities and social media are the holy grail of human existence, cannot parents, educators and society inculcate kids to care about ocean pollution, for example?  If society waits to introduce children to the paramount challenges that face civilization until children enter college and seek career paths, decades of intellectual curiosity and passion creation are lost.   

The Center for Innovative Education (C.I.E.) is accepting applications for fall 2020 enrollment. The program is primarily designed for children 8 to 17 years of age (although younger children are welcome).  For the convenience of working parents and guardians, the C.I.E. operates Monday through Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The cost per child is $55.00 per week.  Scholarships are available. For an enrollment application or for more information about the Center for Innovative Education, contact Dr. Shaun P. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, at 716-874-6133, extension 102 or by email at

Center for Vitality

The Center for Vitality (C.F.V.) offers a revolutionary way of looking at the aging process.  The C.F.V (as its guiding principle) proffers that all people can and should strive to be physically and mentally active to 100 years of age and beyond. The Center for Vitality offers programs and services on a continuum of physical, mental and interest levels.  No one is left out!  For example, great families are built on the interaction among its children, adults, active seniors, less active seniors and physically and cognitively-challenged members (and pets too) – all of whom have different physical abilities, interests and needs, but come together because the real magic happens as a unit, not as separate entities.   To effectuate this vitality plan, the Center for Vitality offers programs and services, for people 55 years of age and beyond, such as local and global trips, adventure outings (hiking, skiing, white-water rafting, boating, helicopter rides over Niagara Falls, etc.), intellectual refinement (special classes, guest speakers, college courses, workshops, interactive projects), civic-engagement (volunteering, community-building initiatives), games (cards, yes, even BINGO!), special events (dating parties, holiday parties, themed parties, formal dances/cocktail parties). Simply, the Center for Vitality is designed to keep all seniors active by enthralling seniors with a plethora of programs and scintillating social interactions! For more information about the Center for Vitality, call 716-874-6133, extension 103.

Center for Maritime Training

Due to tight quarters on vessels and the necessary social distancing protocols required to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic, the Center for Maritime Training will suspend all operations until May 2021.

Why the Center for Maritime Training:

The simple fact is that most inner-city and disadvantaged youths never get a chance to access Western New York’s waterways, experience the adventure of boating or learn camaraderie-building maritime skills.  This sad reality ended with this first-of-a-kind program for Western New York youths.  This year-round Academy teaches children (1) marine safety, (2) how to sail, (3) how to command a powerboat, (4) how to navigate (5) how to work as a team on the water and – importantly, (6) how to have fun in the outdoors!  

The Center for Maritime Training, helmed by Dr. & Capt. Shaun P. Smith, who is a United States Merchant Marine Officer and United States Coast Guard-licensed (Master) Captain, is a year-round program with classes scheduled on Wednesdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and extended hours on weekends (weather permitting) for sailing and boating adventures. The cost per child is $500.00 for the year.  Scholarships are available.  For an enrollment application or for more information about the Center for Maritime Training, contact Dr. Shaun P. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, at 716-874-6133, extension 102 or by email at

The Academy is seeking a new sailboat.  If you have a 25-foot, or larger, sailing vessel that you would like to donate – you will be officially named as our Admiral of Record on our ship’s log. 

Center for Fitness

The foremost goal for the Center for Fitness (C.F.F.), ironically, is not fitness, but safety.  One is not healthy long if one is not safe.  The Center for Fitness knows that children who have no place to go and no person to supervise them after school are 80% more likely to become involved in life-altering, life-diminishing or life-ending activities.  Thus, through the Trojan Horse of basketball, dodge-ball, shoots and hoops, various leagues and just “hanging-out,” the Center for Fitness provides an after-school safe haven for all children from 2:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and a weekend destination from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  For more information about the Center for Fitness, please call 716-874-6133, extension 104.

Center for Transportation

The Center for Transportation serves a primarily disadvantaged and elderly clientele.  How do older adults, senior citizens and physically-challenged people socialize and buy food and other necessary supplies if they do not drive, do not have a car or cannot afford to pay for transportation?  By calling the North Buffalo Community Development Corporation Center for Transportation, which operates Monday through Friday.  For more information about the Center for Transportation, please call 716-874-6133, extension 103. The last sentence under Center for Maritime Training and the Center for Entrepreneurship must be corrected for my new email:

Center for Entrepreneurship

The Center for Entrepreneurship is a round-table of the most eminent entrepreneurs in Western New York who meet formally once a month at the Center for Excellence and via committees to answer only two questions: (1) How can the N.B.C.B.C. operate as efficiently as possible to advance its programs and services and (2) How can the N.B.C.D.C. become self-sufficient and economically sustainable, henceforth, without the need for foundation and municipal dollars.  The N.B.C.D.C. believes that not-for-profit organizations, more accurately noted as tax-exempt corporations, have a duty to run their operations with self-sufficiency as a goal – thus preserving funders’ resources to help other organizations launch important self-sufficiency-enabling projects.

For more information on the Center for Entrepreneurship or to become a member, please contact Dr. Shaun P. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, at 716-874-6133, extension 102 or by email at