Holy Cross Head Start now recruiting


Now enrolling for the 2016-2017 School year.

North Buffalo School

203 Sanders Rd., Buffalo NY 14216

Phone: 716-464-7771 fax: 716-464-7773

Located in the North Buffalo Community Center


Parkside School

169 Sheridan-Parkside Dr., Buffalo NY 14150

Phone: 716-876-0100 fax: 716-876-2305

Located in the Sheridan Parkside Community Center


Central Center

89 Military Rd., Buffalo NY 14207

Phone: 716-875-1506 fax: 716-875-1567

Located between Grant & Amherst


Akron School

7 Church St., Akron NY 14001

Phone: 716-542-2962 fax: 716-542-4181

Located in the First United Methodist Church


Holy Cross School

150 Maryland St., Buffalo NY 14201

Phone: 716-852-8373 fax: 716-854-7046

Located on the corner of Niagara & Maryland


North West School

155 Lawn Ave., Buffalo NY14207

Phone: 716-877-5022 fax: 716-877-4910

Located in the Northwest Community Center